Welcome to Phil French Music

"The blessings of the Lord maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow to it!! I sincerely welcome you to see what the Lord is doing. I’m so blessed to be able to communicate through this website. Within this site, you’ll be able to see exactly what Phil French and FrenchySoundz Musik is all about. To wrap things in a nutshell, all I do is raise a much to do about my Lord & Saviour by way of the Blast!!!! Sit back and enjoy…. The BLAST is for you!!!!"

Phil's Mission Statement

Phil French’s mission is to reach everyone with the universal language of music. He strongly believes that the right song in the right situation can make a major difference in everyone’s life. Just like David changed the atmosphere, while skillfully playing the harp before King Saul, God can use music to change the climate of any environment

Phil's Motto

“It’s always a “FANTASTIC DAY” to be alive!”